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EXCITING HOUR: THE NEW FACE OF Y.T.F. by Yuka Takeuchi Fan - 12/14/04 @ 2:10PM EST
As you've no doubt noticed, there have been some pretty significant changes to The Yuka Takeuchi Fan's Severe Waste of Time today. Some of you are probably wondering what I'm doing and why.

The fact is, I thought this might be a fun new way for me to score a bunch of goodies that I'd been looking for but couldn't find. As we speak, I'm setting up a bunch of boards for this purpose, and if it works out to your benefit, bah, so much the better. Don't think I give a damn. Some rules you'll want to (read: WILL) adhere to:
  • I, and I alone will be running these boards, and I'm easy to piss off. And guess who's gonna have banning rights, assholes?
  • You better make goddamn good and sure that anything you post is of the utmost quality. Anything less won't be tolerated and will be dealt with in whatever way I view as the most fun.
  • First person who asks for a guro board gets it, but its only picture will be a picture of that person's bloody corpse.
  • Anything I see on the wrong board, GONE. Expect a ban if I can track your IP.
  • Anything I don't like if it's on the right board, GONE. See previous statement.
  • I'm not forced to do anything for you. If I do something that wasn't in my game plan, it's only because I wanted to shut you the hell up.
  • I repeat one last time for the morons who couldn't be bothered to catch my drift. You breathe on me the wrong way, and say goodbye to the site. Don't like it? Don't press your luck.

All changes to the site to get the boards running will be complete within three weeks. Upon that time, all to your left is gone. Bitch about it and you can die for all I care.

As you might suspect, I ain't doing this for free. Donation avenues will be set up within a week, and so will the ad banners. Remember, I've-got-my-finger-on-the-IP-block-button.

To wit...


Old site...
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