The One and Only 'Iketeru Futari' Fanservice Gallery You're Gonna See For Quite Some Time

As you might have figured out just by the existence of this part of the site, I have recently completed downloading the ENTIRE 'Iketeru Futari' series. Given that my modem was, is, and will be for some time a 56k, I'm amazed too. If you've ever heard of the series... Y'probably haven't, not even from me myself, so ya may as well be told the main reasons why I wanted it. In first place, we have Yuki Umemiya, one of the supporting characters. Yes, I'm shallow. That's me for you. But sheesh, I went through 'em all and started making my own pictures from them, as well as swiping one or two from the one or two places you'll find Iketeru Futari pictures besides here. Look at 'em and tell me I'm not a LITTLE justified. And after THAT, you may as well view a few other reasons to see it.

Yuki Umemiya
This image of Yuki hittin' the books was exactly what started the whole Iketeru Futari fiasco.
This is the only fanart of Yuki you will EVER see unless I put up my own shitty attempts at such, which I will NOT be doing.
No, her breasts are NOT consuming her hand.
This is one rear-view where I'll bet the objects are larger than they appear.
Yuki, there's a reason you've got more 'alone' pictures than everyone else and I don't think it's because I like smaller girls.
Takashi Sano, I do NOT appreciate you filling my head with false hope about the sexiness of tutors out there.
No, even though she has the blush and nothing is on her chest, that does NOT mean that there's some hentai goin' on 'down there'!
Looky-looky! It's one of the mandatory anime 'unnecessary and uncalled for yet DAMN cute breast grab' shots!
This probably doesn't mean impending implied yuri...
Huh. Maybe I'm wrong. ...Hey, don't you steal my line, Koizumi! I absorb damage better than that Saji fool!
Good thing her arm IS there or else this wouldn't be here. Too bad she won't show her face though.
Ironic she likes basketball. If you don't see why that's ironic, just look due right from the sports equipment.
If only we got to see her wearing just that towel.
You're cute when you're angry...
...Although you're cuter when you're happy...
...And cuter still when you blush.
I find it strangely appropriate that Saji was drinking a glass of milk not one second earlier (and I'm not gonna make a refill joke- nuts).
Don't sweat it- you made Koizumi's life a little less fun for a second, so I forgive you.
Boy, despite the fact that what she says in a minute isn't really seductive, the face sure looks as such.
No, you may not see her butt (any more than you already see).
You can't see her face and you can't see her chest all that well, why then, is it that I still like this more than any pictures of idiot Koizumi?
Let's face it, you're imagining EXACTLY what I am right now. And if not... You don't need to know what I'm imagining.
You get either her face or her chest during this scene, so I went with a little of both.

Ryoko Arigase
'Pajama party', indeed... I'd love to see the rest of your 'pajamas'.
Damn, I love bunny-suits.
Wish I was there, too.
Before anyone asks, no, you do not get to see Arigase perform random acts of hentai with Amakasu from this point. Yes, I'm upset too.

Maki Amakasu
So THIS is how all the soda companies in America came up with their ad campaigns.
This is the one time I'll ever say telemarketers were good for somethin'.

Akira Koizumi
(Or: The only girl I'd take being lonely over being the boyfriend of, and trust me, that's saying a lot.)
Don't be fooled by one of the classic Koizumi fantasy traps.
Again I fail to edit out Saji's blade-hair. Again I fail to care.

Group shots and Miscellaneous, unnamed characters
Art with built-in censoring.
I think this was the concept of a fighting game I played once.
Trust me, you aren't the only one who wishes you'd see THIS after going to all the work of seeing a girl shower.
It's a little-known fact that Aika Sumeragi used to work as a school nurse.
Doesn't Koizumi look a little like Hiroe Ogawa in this picture?
Tall, buxom, and nice, or short, flat, and bitchy- MAKE your choice! (starting to get that I don't really like Koizumi?)
Yuki's first encounter with Captain Bitch. It fails to go smoothly.
Quite unfortunately, the scene where Arigase licks the wound from Amakasu's leg was edited out of the final release.
Please. Switch Koizumi with anyone. ANYONE.
Being in Koizumi's place right now has always been somewhat of a dream of mine.

Fanservice = Good. Taking me back to the main page = Better.